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The New Beginning Released!

2011-01-10 04:24:13 by Draunia05

Available for Download: r1v

The New Beginning Released!

Still more to go?

2010-12-20 08:36:48 by Draunia05

Hey Guys sorry for being inactive. I've recently been sick with a respiratory infection so I've been taking a bit of a break from the music side of things until now. since it's been about 2-3 months since I was sick I've now recovered and started getting back on track with writing more music.

A New album is quite possible sometime next year!

The Violet Album Finished!

2010-08-12 01:35:15 by Draunia05

The Violet Album is Complete!

Download: n78

The Violet Album Finished!

Record Deal

2010-05-06 01:17:56 by Draunia05

Just got Signed to Hotheads Records

Discoloured Album Released

2010-04-26 07:04:01 by Draunia05

Download Link:

Discoloured Album Released

Albums Released

2010-04-05 00:08:54 by Draunia05

Ballville Album:

Worth the Wait Album:
Dale_Harris_-_Worth_the_Wait_Album.rar .html

Albums Released

Album Finished

2010-02-04 23:18:24 by Draunia05

The Demo's for the Worth the Wait Album have been recorded.

I'll be re-recording the songs for better quality. (and tonality in the vocals)

I will not be uploading the Master Versions.

:) <3

More Music For Upcoming

2009-12-28 20:29:36 by Draunia05

I've Uploaded 3 New songs 1 of them is for my upcoming animation Ballville which is still in Development Stages. /299614 No More /299615 In our Humble Home

Welcome to Ballville (Awaiting to be Uploaded stupid 2 Submission a day)

Worth The Wait!

2009-11-09 06:09:57 by Draunia05

In case you haven't noticed, I've recorded by first single called Worth The Wait.
Worth The Wait

I'll also have another song i'm writing at the moment, I'll keep you update as the process continues!

Worth The Wait!


2009-08-24 03:33:10 by Draunia05

No Buts or nothing. It's officially stopped due to unforeseen circumstances.

Things are packed to the rafters on my end, coming up to the end of school. Exams and other shit, don't expect much from me.